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Every Child,
Cradle to Career

The Promise Partnership unites individuals, non-profits, businesses, and government organizations to transform the educational environment for Utah kids.

We work so that all Utah kids are

ready for school, better in school, and successful in life.

Collective Impact

Our goal is to transform the educational environment, and we know that an unorganized set of programs, initiatives, collaboratives, and focus areas won't get us there. To transform whole communities, we must think beyond individual programs or services and see ourselves as a united group sharing accountability for community-wide results. This is what it means to engage in rigorous collective impact.

Our Roadmap to Success

The Promise Partnership takes a "cradle-to-career" approach to improve educational outcomes for youth. Partners align, share, and deploy resources to improve the following outcomes:

Early Childhood Education
3rd Grade Reading
8th Grade Math
High School Graduation
Postsecondary Completion
Financial Stability + Good Health


Since 2011, we've seen problems improve. Schools in communities with some of the highest barriers are thriving, health is improving, and crime is decreasing. Change at this scale is possible when we work together!

+ 7%

3rd grade English/language arts proficiency is up 7% since 2013/14 (Source: USBE Data Queries)

+ 8%

8th grade math proficiency has increased by 8% since 2013-2014 (Source: USBE Data Queries)

+ 6%

High school graduation is up 6% in the Promise Partnership since 2013/2014 (Source: USBE Data Queries)

+ 3%

Between 2013-2018, health insurance coverage for low-income adults has increased by 3% in our region (Source: Utah IBIS)

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