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Reimagine Education Challenge

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Reimagine Education Challenge

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Imagine the future of education, where all students have the chance to thrive.

Submit your innovative plans for a more equitable back-to-school for the chance to win $50,000 for your school.

The Promise Partnership, supported by United Way of Salt Lake, invites teams comprised of school staff, admins, and teachers, at schools within Ogden, Salt Lake, Granite, Davis, Canyons, and Park City School Districts to apply to win one of six available Promise Partnership Education Innovation Awards, each with a grant up to $50,000.

Reimagine Education

The Challenge

The 2020 Promise Partnership Education Innovation Awards invites school-based teams to develop plans to ensure students of color, students from families with low incomes, and multiple language learners are prioritized in back-to-school efforts, while laying the groundwork for a “reimagined” future with innovations in one or more of the following areas:

  1. Leadership and culture
  2. Disruption of tracking and homogenous grouping of students
  3. Measurement and data
  4. Cross-sector partnership and family engagement
  5. Technology, curriculum, and virtual learning

Up to six of the most innovative plans will win up to $50,000 to support implementation at the start of the 20-21 school year.



**Note: The Promise Partnership launched the Education Innovation Awards, first and foremost, to surface, share, spread and support creative ideas that change or improve the traditional structures and practices that contribute to inequitable education outcomes. This is not a “grant” in the typical sense – we know that educators have great ideas about how to do things differently to achieve better results. Our number one priority is to transform the educational and community environment so that all children can succeed. Through these awards, we hope to shine a light on transformative ideas and practices, and to help support and spread them through ongoing partnership.  This opportunity is an invitation to join a partnership of bold, creative thinkers who can lead our education system and the broader community into a new, more equitable direction.


1. Before submitting idea(s), we encourage schools to read this blog post as it articulates so well our motivations for the Education Innovative Awards. We are seeking ideas that embody the spirit of Hugh Vasquez’s call to action.

2. Our intent with the monetary award is to provide resources that allow the development and/or implementation of changes in systems, structures, and practices. We ask that schools think about this not as a “grant” to support a particular program or service. Requests for Chromebooks or hotspots, or funding for discrete “programs,” will not meet the bar for the innovations that can contribute to altering our education system.

Download a flyer about the Education Innovation Awards and the Inclusive Education Design Challenge to learn more.

Reimagine Education

Application Process

For more information and to submit your application by the deadline of August 3, 5:00 pm MT, click here.

Reimagine Education Webinar

On July 16th, our team hosted a webinar to share more information about the challenge. If you were not able to attend, you can watch the recording here:

If you have questions, please contact Taryn Roch,

Utah Education Innovation Awards

August 11, 2020 at 12:00pm MT

Join us to celebrate the innovative teachers in our community who are dedicated to ensuring kids succeed, even in the midst of a pandemic.

reimagine education awards
Reimagine education

Coming Soon

A safe and effective back-to-school approach during the pandemic is an important step but the work does not end there. To encourage innovation and incentivize movement away from the status quo that leaves many students of color, multiple language learners, and students with low incomes behind, United Way of Salt Lake’s Promise Partnership will host a second challenge later this fall called the Inclusive Education Design Challenge Details are forthcoming.

Thank you to our generous sponsors and supporters.



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